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Accelerate to be ready for the transition to a circular economy.

In the context of the transition to a circular economy, the issue of "impact" has entered a new phase. Environmental, economic and social impacts are now intertwined.

The impact investing market is growing rapidly, with a circular economy being a priority for impact investors.

Entrepreneurs in a circular economy create economic, social and environmental value. 


Circular Challenge contributes to the viability of circular economy projects, acting as a neutral trusted third party.

As an accelerator of positive innovations, Circular Challenge is by its very nature "an incubator"

     Contributing expertise

       • business expertise for entrepreneurs
       • methodology advice
       • financing advice

     Coach & Consult on the challenges facing entrepreneurs in the circular economy

     Experimentation in local areas

     Enabling access to customers

     Media exposure
    for start-ups


    raised by the 28
    Circular Challenge finalists
    (January 2020)


    of finalist projects
    have closed deals
    with Citeo customers

    Illustration - Do_tank


    Launch of Circular Challenge’s 5th edition

    Get ready for the launch of Circular Challenge’s 5th edition on April 27th!

    23 April 2020

    Malengé wins the 2019 citeo grand prix for innovation

    With an emphasis on commitment, pragmatism and solutions, the 2019 Circular Challenge event showcased players - including large businesses, start-ups and SMEs - who are committed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

    23 April 2020

    Slimbox wins the International Circular Challenge

    The Belgian startup Slimbox is the laureate of the second edition of Circular Challenge International.

    23 April 2020