Circular Challenge


Circular Challenge

Officially launched on September 5, 2016, the Circular Challenge is a competition for start-up and SMEs aimed at accelerating innovation in a promising, job-creating sector: the circular economy and paper recycling.
Organized by CITEO, the competition seeks to accelerate the transformation of our waste into resources, and it is unparalleled in the eco-organism sector.

The Circular Challenge, by seeking out the diamond in the rough of innovation projects, aims to positively and durably impact our environment and economy, and serve the public interest.

In the face of societal, economic and environmental challenges such as global warming, the increasing scarcity of raw materials, and the cost to the consumer-citizen - we must find the right answers. The solution is the circular economy that can reconcile ecology and economy, and turn our waste into resources.

The ambition of the competition, after the first two editions, is to enable successful projects that support the growth of the paper industry to emerge, and accelerate their development. Preparation for the new edition is under way with the launch scheduled for spring 2018.



Created through the merger of Eco-Emballages with Ecofolio, Citeo was the brainchild of companies seeking to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and paper.

Its goal? To combine economic and environmental performance by imagining solutions to promote cost-effective recycling, and by encouraging everyone to make a difference in their daily lives.

Some key figures:

  • 68% of packaging recycled
  • 55% of paper recycled
  • 9,5B € invested by over 50,000 companies for sorting and recycling
  • 99,8% of French people with access to sorting
  • N˚1 civic gesture for French people, sorting is a natural everyday reflex

Any questions?


The Circular Challenge 2018 edition will be starting soon.