Cellulose fibres

Project presented 

New processes for producing biodegradable films. 

The start-up 

Launched in October 2014, InoFib is positioning itself as an innovation platform dedicated to cellulose fibre applications. It operates a technology transfer between producers of cellulose microfibrils (MFC) and potential customers in various sectors such as the paper industry, packaging or composites, with the aim of generalizing the use of this innovative and bio-based material. 

MFCs are produced from wood. It is a material derived from renewable and biodegradable resources that replaces petrochemical products. Thanks to the new properties that MFCs can bring to paper (mechanical reinforcement, hydrophobicity, barrier), the InoFib company is set to enable 100% renewable paper to be produced within a very short time frame. Within 5 years InoFib, located in Saint-Martin-D'Hères (38), aims to be the leader in terms of MFC-based business development and technology transfer by expanding its patent portfolio.