International Circular Challenge

On march 21, 2019 in Paris, the Circular Challenge International will be held during the Hacking of Paris.

Eco-friendly materials; new sorting, collection or recycling solutions - Citeo's International Circular Challenge rewards those international start-ups offering environmental solutions that are set to become part of the circular economy.

Out of the hundreds of applications we received, we have selected six finalists who won a learning expedition  in Paris (3 days of coaching with potential customers and circular economy experts on march 19th, 20th and 21th, 2019):

  • Paptic for its wood fibre packaging / Finland.
  • Ecovative for its mushroom-based material / USA.
  • Slimbox for its tailored packaging solutions / Belgium.
  • Repack for its reusable packaging service for e-commerce / Finland.
  • EcoAct Tanzania for its beams made from waste plastic / Tanzania.
  • Conceptos Plasticos for its bricks made from waste plastic / Colombia.

It's up to you to select the winning company!

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Vote is closed. The announcement of the results will be held on Thursday, march 21st at the Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville





    Country: FINLAND

    The best of plastic and paper in one material
    Paptic has invented a flexible packaging material made from wood fibre, that also provides beneficial plastic-like properties. Products made from this recyclable and bio-based material are designed for re-use, and it can be used to replace e.g. single-use bags, reusable shopping bags and e-commerce mailers. Its manufacturing process uses 20-30% less water than traditional paper-making processes.

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    Country: UNITED-STATES
    As an alternative to polystyrene, Ecovative has invented a 100% home-compostable material. Based on mycelium from mushroom roots and agricultural waste, it is highly resistant. An alternative to polystyrene and polypropylene, it can be used as a protective foam, but it also has applications for cosmetics and furniture.
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    Country: BELGIUM

    Customized packages
    Slimbox has invented a machine that manufactures cardboard packaging to fit the size of the product to be transported. This solution reduces wastage, storage needs and transportation costs and provides better product protection. The start-up is already targeting SMEs (30 to 150 parcels / day) and plans to expand into post offices and supermarkets.
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    Country: FINLAND

    Reusable packaging for e-commerce
    Repack has invented reusable plastic packaging (up to 20 times) for e-commerce. Online purchasers can opt for this innovative solution. On reception of their parcel,  users fold up the packaging and return it free of charge by post in exchange for a voucher. The start-up is partnering with e-commerce sites in Northern Europe and Australia.

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    Country: TANZANIA
    Recycled plastic building material
    Ecoact Tanzania has invented technology that turns plastic waste into a resilient building material. This energy-efficient and chemical-free process offers an alternative that preserves wood resources within the building and furniture sectors. The start-up gets citizens involved in waste management, by offering health insurance in exchange for collecting plastic waste. The company currently has 167 clients.
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    Country: COLOMBIA
    Recycled plastic building bricks
    Conceptos Plasticos has invented a  process to recycle plastic waste into a building material, in the form of reusable bricks. This process enables impoverished people to build homes, medical centres and schools in partnership with public authorities, NGOs and businesses. The start-up is seeking to expand in Africa starting in the course of 2019.
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Born from the combination of Eco-Emballages and Ecofolio, Citeo was created by companies to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and paper. His goal ? Combine economic and environmental performance by imagining solutions that advance recycling at the lowest cost, and by giving everyone the desire to act on a daily basis.